Winter motor oil and other fluids

If you have a manual gearbox — consult the documentation for the car producers generally do not provide for regular oil changes in MT. Anyway, check its availability a must.

Another truism: even if you do not plan to change all of the above fluid this year, before the winter is particularly relevant check their level and availability (it actually needs to be done at every MOT, but not all stations on the mechanics of this recall). Also not be amiss to check the oil level in the rear axle (if any).

What engine oil to fill the winter?
Winter engine oil had long been used by motorists , so forget the term as such . If the engine oil , which you fill in your engine , has viscosity grade 5W-40 type , 10W-30 , etc. (ie, two numbers separated by the letter W) — is a multigrade oil for use all year round ( it is used AUTOOILS and an absolute majority of motorists ) . It should be understood that directly work in winter conditions affect only the first number stands before the letter W. For more details about the value of the viscosity index you can read in the article about the oil viscosity on our site.

So, if the low-temperature viscosity of the engine oil, which you normally use, corresponds to the climatic conditions in your area, starter and battery in good condition — safely then pour oil as before. High-temperature viscosity (the second number in the encoding) absolutely does not affect the operation of the winter, for operating temperatures of the engine are the same that in the winter, in the summer.

If confidence in the expected temperatures, the starter or the battery is not, can buy motor oil with a lower coefficient of the low-temperature viscosity (for example, a 10W-40 switch to 5W-40, etc.). At the same time we must remember three things:

1. Changing the brand of motor oil — it is an additional burden for the engine, and therefore before the frost is very desirable to have time to produce at least one more oil change (see more about how to properly move to another engine oil, read the article about the oil change).

2. Guaranteed to be compatible avtomasla one manufacturer, so that changing the brand of oil, try to remain faithful to at least the manufacturer.

3. Motor oil that you choose to use in the winter, have to comply with the recommendations by the vehicle manufacturer (see more about all that you can read in the article about how to choose the right engine oil).
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