Winter motor oil and other fluids

Many motorists try before winter service your car, even if for a run to replace oil remains thousand — other kilometers. It certainly makes sense, as the motor will work in much more difficult conditions, but because fresh oil only benefit him. But, unfortunately, many motorists with limited standard set of operations planned THAT often neglecting the «minor», at first glance, moments.

So what should you keep in mind when preparing for the pre-winter maintenance machine?

About analogs and substitutes
Analogs also made ​​by other manufacturers autochemistry will only remind their properties that fills in your brand of car manufacturer, but most likely will not fully comply with its requirements. You must understand that even banal brake fluid marked DOT-4 from different manufacturers have different chemical composition. For marking «DOT-4″ — a set of requirements, not recipe, and not the fact that it is for your car, there are no additional nuances.

Nobody can tell you unequivocally how it can hurt your car, for example, unforeseen automaker and its designers are not approved brake fluid, but just know the price of the new caliper and brake master cylinder, and then I think you will be a little easier to make the right decision.

Nobody can tell you unequivocally how it can hurt your car, for example, unforeseen automaker and its designers are not approved brake fluid, but just know the price of the new caliper and brake master cylinder, and then I think you will be a little easier to make the right decision.

What is the «original» Fluids?
It is a question that many automakers ( especially true for European cars ) for maintenance vehicles insist ( or strongly recommended ) to use the original fluids , which are often , in fact , ordered from the well-known manufacturers autochemistry , but are packaged in original packaging automaker. At the same time on the package, usually you will not find information on the actual manufacturer, and often on the technical characteristics — the only brand car manufacturer and part number in the catalog . Some automakers are packed so even motor oil .

It is very important to understand a few moments. First, it is not the fact that what the automaker orders for use in warranty service stations, is fully consistent with the chemical composition and performance serial analog , which is produced under the brand name of the same manufacturer -chemistry . The automaker could well make some additional requirements relating to the design features of your car is . Also, buying the «original» at the official representative of the brand of your car , buy a fake risk is significantly reduced.

At the same time , in most cases , operating fluids brand , which is the official supplier of the manufacturer of your vehicle , suitable for use in the car . It is important to know for sure what is the brand name (again — this information is not always present on the automaker’s original packaging ) , as well as the specific parameters of the fluid to be used is in your car. Remember that steering fluid , coolant , transmission oils and other liquids are different, and if you use even a very high quality product, but not one that provides designers specifically for your car — an expensive repair your car is guaranteed.

What Fluids buy?
Winter — this is the period when most clearly manifested all the negatives of using cheap substitutes of original technical liquids. If that is done en masse for sale in the auto market in the summer of its characteristics still somehow reminds vehicle manufacturer requirements, when the temperature drops below zero properties such zhizh absolutely unpredictable. It’s not just necessarily accelerate the replacement of expensive parts, but also can make for you unpleasant «surprise» at the most inopportune moment.

Based on many years of experience, advice is you should never use any cheap substitutes and technical fluids, but especially can not do this winter. We are talking about transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering, as well as, in some brands of cars, coolant. All this is much safer to buy only from authorized representatives of the brand of your car, believe me, it is not so expensive. And then the economy can not do very much.

Assume that the assertion about the brake fluid and coolant perplexed , because give a small example . Operation of several different Audi cars for more than 5 years showed that after the transition from the original coolant conventional antifreeze, within a half years in turn changing all the rubber tubes of the cooling system , stove, radiator and pump . And when using an unapproved brake fluid with the car market — a year and a half were in turn replaced all slide around. I emphasize all this — in perfect condition of the car at the start of the experiment , while the other is the same car all original rides still ( have at least 5 years) without these problems. So listen to the smaller mechanics accustomed to deal with Lada and consult the official representatives of the brand of your machine.

Gear oil and other liquids
First of all, look at the service book your car or remember when you last changed:

1. Oil in automatic transmission (automatic gear box).

2. Coolant.

3. Brake fluid.

4. Steering fluid.

All of the above, it turns out, it is necessary to periodically change! Do not smile, in fact many inexperienced motorists either do not know or else (which is often) — just forget about it. So limited time interval (maximum of three years, but basically — two), and mileage of the car (this option is individual and contained in the service book of the car, usually it — about 60 000 km.). Therefore, if you do not know when it all changed, or the period is already out or on the way — Autumn — the best time to replace all of these liquids.
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