Brake discs

Disc brake system is more recent ¬ variable , it is gradually replacing the drum . Due to the design features , such brake has a longer active service . Since compression takes place without rotating disc difference movement directions , the material and wear is minimized. In the context of the use of modern materials and technologies , such brakes life with proper maintenance is greatly increased. In some cases , to obtain the required performance is not only used alloys , but also various high-strength synthetic materials . In the end, all this allows to achieve the highest quality results , getting rid of the shortcomings that have prevented widespread this type of brake . Besides constantly decreasing costs and improving the work of the subsidiary disc brake systems , so that they not only became widely established on foreign cars new pro ¬ duction , but also became active participation in the domestic automotive industry.
Brakes FUSION under extreme braking loads have high endurance and resistance through friction. Wheels made ​​of high quality alloy , meet the most stringent requirements for material and are subject to various tests to ensure the best quality. Uniform wear of discs to ensure safety, eliminates vibration and lack of heartbeat of the steering wheel and brake pedal.

23.06.2022 Маннол Логистик Центр