Brake cylinder

Brake master cylinder — brake system components , power authority , which converts air pressure into mechanical energy , which is transmitted via the brake linkage to the brake pads, pressing them to the wheel rim or brake discs .
Precision machining pistons, rings and cylinder internal working surfaces FUSION-GERMANY, as well as mini ¬ mal tolerances plunger pairs provide exceed ¬ Khodnev performance. Exceptional accuracy fitting pistons in the cylinders prevents distortions and prevents leakage of brake fluid. Pistons from high quality aluminum ¬ possess excellent corrosion resistance . The company holds two stage pressing on the last stage of the production cycle control guarantees absolute tightness of cylinders. Maximum operating temperature range : +200 ° C.
Seals and protective caps are made of rubber of a new generation , which is characterized by :
    • high elasticity ;
    • High chemical resistance ( oil, gasoline , acid);
    • durability and low compression .

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