Clutch assembly

Among the variety of parts and components and assemblies , some in operation at especially heavy loads . One of such systems is complex enough grip . It is due to the clutch system creates a smooth launch vehicle from the place and the absence of sharp falls in the transition to a lower or higher gear . There are different clutch system that are adapted for a specific vehicle , depending on the type of drive axle , as well as box-type switching speeds . In cases with modern foreign cars with automatic transmissions and sophisticated electronics and computer -bound to carry out the replacement can only be in specialized services with the appropriate equipment . Thus after instrumental diagnostics performed on special equipment selection of the necessary components in a computer. Often, it is the computer controls the entire course of the work and assess their quality on completion.
Single-plate dry clutch of FUSION has all the qualities of a first-class products :
   • high reliability ;
   • the minimum moment of inertia of the driven clutch parts ;
   • excellent balancing.
These qualities at work ensure minimum vibration and resonance vibrations . distinctive
clutches feature of our production — exceptional smoothness of the change of the transmitted torque on / off clutch . Due to the high quality of the frictional elements , the clutch FUSION have a constant coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range. Friction elements come from ve — duschih manufacturers. Do not contain asbestos.
Clutch release bearing supplied exhibit improved vibration damping and able to withstand high axial and radial loads. To protect against corrosion, clutch cover and clutch disc damper plate phosphated.

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