Wiper blades

SCST wiper blades conform to the highest international standards and are made from high quality material that ensures maximum reliability and durability. The main task of brushes — to provide equal pressure along vsee brush when driving on curved glass in both directions.
The design takes into account all the brushes aerodynamic performance of modern cars. Can largely avoid unnecessary noise and retain high quality glass cleaner with increasing speed . WAVE guide completely replaces the hinge design and rocker previous generations wipers. Guide bar is located inside the cleaning cloth , so brush accurately conveys relief glass and perfectly cleans it from the water film . Appearance brushes fully consistent fashion world , emphasizing the solidity and comfort of the car.
The secondary rocker arms and small are made of steel and are connected together by riveting , which guarantees lasting brush application . Thin plates of high-grade stainless steel , mounted along the rubber element on each side, it provides elasticity and give it the desired curvature for a better fit to the windshield .
Rubber wiper element produced by modern technology with graphite has excellent chemical resistance and provides quiet cleaning under changing temperature, humidity and pollution in all weather conditions .

28.02.2014 Маннол Логистик Центр