Ball joint

     Ball Joint — detail of the car , which is a connection node of the lower arm and steered wheel hub . It is possible to rotate the hub of the wheel at a fixed position in a horizontal plane during its vertical movement . Support itself is a cone with a finger tip in the shape of a ball , which can simultaneously rotate and wobble in the case of support for small angles .
All products manufactured by our company meets the highest technical requirements suspension parts for passenger cars. All ball bearing production FUSION covered by impact-resistant polymer coating to prevent the cabinet from premature corrosion. The company uses the latest developments in technology, materials and design activities . Whose quality is checked at every stage of production and confirmed the requirements of the international ISO 9001 quality system .
Accurate machining on program management allows for :
          • mirrored surface of the sphere finger ;
          • manufacture of the liner from high-tech materials with a minimum of friction ;
          • perfect sliding and self- lubricating bearings finger inside the case .

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