Synthetic energy-saving motor oil specially designed for use in modern petrol and diesel engines of vehicles OPEL, CHEVROLET, DAEWOO, GM, SAAB. Low ash additive package (MID SAPS) ensures reliable operation of diesel particulate filters (DPF), as well as catalytic converters of gasoline engines (CAT). Effectively protects against wear and provides exceptional clarity of details . Recommended for engines, which involve the use of oils standard GM dexos2, and earlier specifications GM LL A025/B025. Created to meet the requirements for use in harsh conditions and increased maintenance intervals.

Meets the requirements / specifications:SAE 5W-30 | API SN/SM/CF | ACEA C2/C3 | GM dexos2


Highly effective in motor oil that protects the piston rings and lash against wear and corrosion negative impact of the combustion products . Contains only oil-soluble components. The use of additives is observed : increase in the durability of engine parts to wear and high-temperature corrosion preventing oil film break , ensuring favorable treatment friction guarantee reliable power in harsh environments ( urban congestion , travel trailer ( load ) , the engine on revving ) . Compatible with all types of oil . Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines with a catalyst and without turbocharging , as cars and commercial vehicles.

Capacity: 200ml


Antifriction additive system smazkiVysokoeffektivnaya antifriction additive for engine lubrication system . Contains activated Teflon particles that reduce friction and increase engine power.
Interfacial friction surfaces of engine parts forms a high strength heat-resistant thin film having a low coefficient of friction. As a result of the addition is observed : a significant decrease in the coefficient of friction , improving fuel economy up to 4-6 % (depending on the mode of operation and condition of the engine ), increase in the effective capacity; relief «cold» engine start , protection against wear and scuffing at the accidental loss oil.

TEFLON ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Сapacity: 200ml