Mannol TS-5 UHPD — semi-synthetic Ultra High Performance Diesel (UHPD) engine oil that meets the most stringent requirements of manufacturers of trucks. Synthetic components provide very high performance level. Has optimum low-temperature characteristics. Provides stable viscosity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Protects engine parts from wear and scoring, as cold start and at high operating temperatures. Promotes economic engine running.

Product feature:
Property Method Unit Result
SAE-class 10W-40
Viscosity -25°C D 5293 CP 6900
Viscosity 100°C D 445 CSt 13,9
Viscosity 40°C D 445 CSt 94,2
Viscosity index D 2270 150
Density at 15°C D 1298 kg/m³ 876
Flash-point COC D 92 °C 225
Congelation point D 97 °C -30
Base number D 2896 gKOH/kg 10,4

Meets the requirements/specifications: UHPD | SAE 10W-40 | API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL | ACEA E7/A3/B4 | CUMMINS CES 20078 | DETROIT DIESEL 93K215 | DEUTZ DQC-III-05 | MACK EO-N | MAN M 3275 | MB 228.3/229.1 | RENAULT VI RLD-2 | VOLVO VDS-3

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