Mannol Rust Dissolver

Mannol Rust Dissolver — effective tool to combat rust , having excellent anti-friction properties. Intended for wide use in all nodes moving mechanisms. Due to the presence of fast penetrating solvents instantly frees rust threaded connections. For a long time helps to ease travel and eliminates squeaking . Removes moisture from the surface of the working parts of the spark plugs , helping alleviate start wet engines. Provides low friction due to the presence solid lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide . Do not have a damaging effect on rubber and plastics.
Application: clean workpieces from severe rust using a steel brush , spray means and give him good soak . If necessary, wipe the treated surface with a cloth to remove any remaining rust and dirt. Store in a heated room. Avoid direct sunlight and heating above 50 ° C. Cylinder is pressurized. Not deform . Do not spray near open flames and sources of sparks . Used and stored only in ventilated areas. Before disposing completely empty jar. Keep away from children.

04.03.2014 Маннол Логистик Центр