Mannol Motor Flush 10min

Mannol Motor Flush 10min Mannol Motor Flush 10min used to neutralize the rain , dirt , sludge and engine wear products . Cleans oil system and filter mesh oil pumps . In the washing process provides a reliable lubrication , preventing wear of engine parts . Due to detergent- dispersant additives unique composition provides highly effective and safe removal of sludge , varnish , resins and varnishes. Miscible with all mineral and synthetic oils . This applies to any washing gasoline and diesel engines with catalytic converter , turbo supercharged and without.
Application: at operating temperature, the contents of the container add to used motor oil to replace it . After 10 minutes of engine idling drain old oil , replace the filter and fill with new oil.

Weight/volume: 0,443L

28.02.2014 Маннол Логистик Центр