MANNOL Hightec Antifreeze AG13

Mannol Antifreeze AG13 -40°C — ready solution designed for year-round use in cooling systems , where it is recommended to use antifreeze automaker on monoetilenglikolevoy basis. Thanks to high-tech additive package provides efficient cooling system protection against all types of corrosion. Does not contain phosphates, nitrites, amines. Neutral with respect to the following metals and alloys: brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, lead alloys. Ensures reliable cooling system protection for 3 years.

Meets the requirements/specifications: SAE J1034 | ASTM D3306/D4340/D4985 | BMW | DAF | FORD | FORD AF Plus, ESE-M978B4H-A | GM SATURN | GM 1825M/1899M | JAGUAR | JOHN DEERE | MAN 324 | MB 325.2 | NATO S-759 | OPEL GM QL130100 | RENAULT Typ D | ROVER | SAAB | VW-Audi-Porsche

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