Mannol Carburetor Cleaner

Mannol Carburetor Cleaner — means providing effective cleaning without disassembling the carburetor . Removes residues of grease and soot . Cleans dirt deposits on the body , throttle, jets , holes , etc. Lets you set the optimal performance exhaust improves performance carburetor , engine idling and lower fuel consumption . Suitable for all two-and four-stroke gasoline engines with and without catalyst .
Application: shake jar . Remove the air filter. Spray the product into the air intake . Run the engine at idle . Apply the product to the throttle valve, intake valves , air jets , carburetor channels , etc. Repeatedly press the gas pedal. After cleaning , if necessary,
replace the air filter . Storage: Store in a heated room . Avoid direct sunlight and heating above 50 ° C. Cylinder is pressurized. Not deform . Do not spray near open flames and sources of spark formation . Used and stored only in ventilated areas. Before disposing completely empty jar. Keep away from children.

Weight/volume: 0,4L

04.03.2014 Маннол Логистик Центр