High-voltage wires

High-voltage wires of the ignition system designed to transmit electrical impulses from the coil or ignition module on candles . Basic requirements for high-voltage wires : high quality insulation , minimal power loss , the minimum level of interference , maintaining performance at both high and low temperatures. For the production of high-voltage wires FUSION selected advanced technology using silicone. The conductors are made of conductor , insulation ( two protective layer 100% silicone) , the metal contacts and caps. Conductor made ​​of Kevlar core coated ferroplastovoy shell. Conductor top covered in two layers of 100% silicone insulation , between which the reinforcing braid of synthetic fibers . Wires having a diameter of 7 mm. Contact » ferrules » identical wires used in the original world famous companies . Lugs are made of elastic brass. Due to their design , they provide excellent contact with a conductive insulated residential , as well as a secure fit on the ends of candles. Caps » silicone tips ,» which in its form completely identical to the original lugs c improved insulating properties without losing elasticity , both at low and at high temperatures. Silicone tips withstand temperatures above 250 ° C. High-voltage wires FUSION belong to the class «F» in accordance with the requirements of ISO 3808 : Wire to operate at temperatures from -60 to +250 ° C, and the value of the breakdown voltage isolation — not less than 43 kV . Technology of production of high-voltage wires designed with the most modern requirements of the global automotive industry. In the process of manufacturing wires undergo repeated checking the quality of insulation and mechanical strength of mounting contacts. All stages of production, as well as suppliers of components are certified to ISO 3808 and ISO 9001. High insulating properties of wires provide sure to start the engine in cold and wet weather , help to improve fuel efficiency, allow for lean-burn operation to reduce the toxicity of the vehicle. High-voltage wires FUSION allow full use of all of the speed and dynamic capabilities of the car . Design Wire provides a minimum level of radio interference , which is particularly important for modern vehicles with electronic engine control systems , brakes , etc.