Draft of the stabilizer

Draglinks transmit force to the pivot arm hub of the steering mechanism , by which is carried out turning wheels. They also have a part of the steering linkage , while allowing the wheels turn at different angles — because during rotation of the wheel rolling on different radii.
At the ends of the steering rods mounted hinges ( tip — names) . Thanks to them during the mutual displacement rods , body, wheels and the suspension is still possible force transmission from the steering mechanism remains unchanged selected steering angle . On rods ( one or two ) is to change the length of thread rods needed to adjust the angle of the wheels ( the so-called convergence angle ) . In cars with advanced Raked mechanism has two rods and four re ¬ tip .
Ball fingers tips differ from our manufacturing high strength core and an outer surface of high wear resistance since they are subjected to a special heat treatment and made ​​of high quality alloyed steel.
Other advantages of tips :
  • Protection against dust and moisture ;
  • decrease the effort in the steering transmission ;
  • high strength ball fingers .

Unlike on the market counterparts, thrust front stabilizer FUSION have enhanced quality characteristics. This was made possible thanks to a completely new approach in their production.
In the manufacture of the frame elements of the stabilizer rods FUSION is used exclusively high-alloy steel . Connect the housing elements is performed by automatic plasma arc welding. That is , this method eliminates the possibility of irregularities and the weld appearance of internal cracks therein . Rubber bushings are made of high quality mixture , provide stable operation of racks in a fairly wide range of temperatures throughout the lifespan.
All these advantages allow the car owner to be sure the stabilizer rods FUSION even when driving in particularly difficult conditions.