Brake pads

Brake pads are one of the most important supplies for the car. Depends upon the quality of safety. Due to the fact that at present a large enough part of the vehicles that ride on Russian roads — is used domestic and Zara ¬ trifugal cars, manufacturers continue to produce salable drum pads. By their design, they represent a special crimping brake pads which are made of different , abrasion resistant materials. During braking pads and drum experiencing strong friction , this leads to a rather rapid wear pads and the need for their planned replacement . But now, thanks to the use of special materials and technology , the service life of these pads has increased several times. Excellent welding quality and perfect geometry conjugate metal surfaces — this distinctive black ¬ you brake shoe production SCT-GERMANY. Form friction lining exactly reproduces bending the base plate , which prevents uneven wear and runout pad . Brake pad our drum brake pads are made by special technology , ensuring uniformity of structure friction mixture. The rich experience of our company in the production of brake pad ensures the leading position and the highest quality . Details marked inkjet method and packaged in sets in the original box , which is located inside installation instructions. Also on each box has a special hologram sticker for protection against counterfeiting .

Brake pads, as well as other parts of the car , working on friction , wear out . Thickness pads are allowable parameters at which you can operate the machine . When is the maximum wear pads , they should immediately change . About the need to change brake pads. Device will tell you in the form of wear of brake pads. The material itself has a certain resistance. If there is an improved brake pad wear , it takes into account not only the direct circuit, which will show that the deck was erased to an acceptable value , but also the change in resistance , which will change as erasing brake pad.