Belts and rollers

V-belts — a category of drive belts, which are made with a section in the form of an isosceles trapezoid, specially designed to drive vehicle engine components. The working surface of the V-belt is lateral. To save space and reduce weight, car manufacturers are increasingly using elastic ribbed V-belts. They are extremely robust and provide optimum damping of vibrations when the vehicle is in motion. They have an excellent property: minimal stretching under load. This gives them high levels of smooth running, which is especially important when working in generators, pumps or air conditioning compressors.
The design of drive belts today can be considered a high-tech product, characterized by the ability to maintain strength, flexibility and elasticity in a wide range of temperatures, and in addition — to withstand jerks and vibrations.
Advantages of V-belts:
• Long service life
• High efficiency
• No need for maintenance
• Smooth running
• Minimum stretch