Fuel pumps, water

FUSION water pumps circulate the coolant in the cooling system of a car engine . Upgrading this assembly is designed to increase the volume and flow rate of the coolant , thereby accelerating heat exchange — cooling system operates in the optimal mode at all (even excessive ) stresses. High quality water pumps of FUSION is achieved by using the latest technologies in the production of sealing elements and high-quality bearing and seal installed in it. Application of the special upgraded bearing allowed to increase resource water pumps FUSION. Polymer- ceramic composite material of the gland eliminates leakage of liquid and moving parts to reduce friction pumps FUSION. The special shape of the pulley of the centrifugal force reduces the load on the shaft.
In the production of water pumps FUSION, monitored each phase of the production process , starting with the casting and finishing of automated assembly and test of strength . Verification takes place every water pump FUSION. All this ensures high quality and reliable operation of our water pumps.

Gasoline pump mechanically driven diaphragm type, designed to supply gasoline carburetor in the fuel system of the vehicle. Fuel pumps are equipped with remote drive lever swap. Materials used in the gasoline pump ensure smooth operation over a wide temperature range, for any adverse effects of the environment. Everyone coming down the assembly line fuel pump FUSION tested for leaks, pressure and zero flow performance on free draining.