Transmission oils

Mannol ATF AG 52 Automatic Special — special stainless partially synthetic fluid , providing a long and reliable operation of the automatic transmission with a new generation of heavy-duty work. Unique performance characteristics provided by the use of highly refined base oils , synthetic components and the latest modern additive technology . This allows to maximize the duration of the oil while maintaining all its performance . Gear oil Mannol ATF AG52 Automatic Special designed specifically for transmissions MULTITRONIC, STEPTRONIC, TIPTRONIC.

Product feature:
Property Method Unit Result
Viscosity at 100°C D 445 CSt 7,4
Viscosity at 40°C D 445 CSt 36,7
Viscosity Index D 2270 173
Density at 15°C D 1298 kg/m³ 850
Flash point COC D 92 °C 166

Weight/volume:1L , 10L, 20L, 60L , 208L Meets the requirements/specifications: BMW 832 29 407 807 | JAGUAR JLM 202 38 | MB 236.11 | PORSCHE 999.917.547.00 | VW TL 52 162

Mannol ATF AG55 — A special high-quality synthetic fluid designed for the modern six-speed automatic transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Provides comfortable shifting at low temperatures, protects against wear of the friction pair, and prolongs the life of automatic transmission.

Meets the requirements/specifications: BMW 83220142516 (1375.4)/83220144137 | FORD Mercon SP | HYUNDAI 040000C90SG | JAGUAR C2C 8432 | LAND ROVER TYK500050 | VW G 055005 A1/A2/A6 | ZF S671 090 252/253/255

Mannol ATF Multivehicle — a special liquid based on a blend of high quality base oils and the latest additive technology for automatic transmissions of modern cars. The unique composition of friction modifiers allows you to maintain the necessary level of frictional properties over the long term and to ensure a smooth and soft switch gear. Resistance to high temperatures and excellent low-temperature characteristics of the fluid can reliably operate the transmission under any climatic conditions.

Meets the requirements/specifications:AISIN WARNER JWS 3309 | JASO M315 Type 1A | JATCO ATF | TOYOTA ATF Type T/T-II/T-III/T-IV | NISSAN/INFINITI MATIC FLUID C/D/J | MITSUBISHI Diamond SP-II/SP-III | MAZDA ATF D-III/M-3 | DAIHATSU Alumix ATF Multi | HONDA ATF Z-1 (not for CVT) | SUZUKI ATF Oil/ATF Oil Special | HYUNDAI | KIA MOTORS | DAEWOO | GM DEXRON III H | FORD Mercon V | ZF TE-ML 14A | VOITH G607 | ALLISON C-4 | MB 236.9 | CHRYSLER ATF +3/+4