Air filters have different shapes and sizes , designed with the idea of ​​providing optimum engine operating conditions . Air filters brand SCT-Filter clean intake air from particles contained therein and provide delivery to the combustion chamber is clean, free from dust air . Thus, they prevent engine wear and machines. In addition to this filter performs a number of other tasks, such as noise muffling intake and regulating the supply of cold and heated air . Air filter element when designing the air filter element is a constant search for opportunities to reduce the size of the filter elements with increasing air filtering capabilities . New 1pNpe filtrovochnye system SCT-Filter, with its highly compact elements meet these requirements. Compact elements of air filters are implemented in parallel spaced from many interchangeable and closed channels . They supplied air stream which passes through filtrovochnuyu paper goes through the neighboring open channel outside. SCT-Vertriebs GmbH offers air filter elements in different designs , shapes and sizes. Such as : oval-conical , trapezoidal , stepped or items packed output.

Engines of trucks, road, construction or agricultural machinery and equipment , due to its large size, consume much more air than cars .
Air filters for trucks are large and in most cases have a circular cylindrical , steel and plastic sheath .
Also distinguish between single-and multi-stage air filters .
In multi- filter is often included on the impact of pre-separator cyclone.
Cyclone pre-separator uses the effect of centrifugal force, using a specially designed rotor disc with guide plates , the air flow is rotated. Dirt particles by centrifugal force are deposited on the walls of the housing , where they are then , depending on the design of a filter or sent to exempt compilation.
Thanks to this preliminary separator can increase the lifespan filtra.Vozdushnye filters for trucks.