Oil additives

Mannol Motor Flush 10min Mannol Motor Flush 10min used to neutralize the rain , dirt , sludge and engine wear products . Cleans oil system and filter mesh oil pumps . In the washing process provides a reliable lubrication , preventing wear of engine parts . Due to detergent- dispersant additives unique composition provides highly effective and safe removal of sludge , varnish , resins and varnishes. Miscible with all mineral and synthetic oils . This applies to any washing gasoline and diesel engines with catalytic converter , turbo supercharged and without.
Application: at operating temperature, the contents of the container add to used motor oil to replace it . After 10 minutes of engine idling drain old oil , replace the filter and fill with new oil.

Weight/volume: 0,443L

Additive to reduce oil consumption. Intended to increase the oil pressure and reduce its consumption in worn engines . Prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber , the formation of soot and smoke is the engine. Reduces wear on new engines , extended service life . Forms on the surfaces rubbing parts reliable lubricating film ensures trouble-free operation of the engine under severe conditions and guarantees no bad cold engine start . Miscible with all synthetic and mineral oils.
Application: Adding a new engine oil every time you change ( at the operating temperature of the engine) . The contents of one container is sufficient for oil systems with up to 5 liters .

Weight/volume: 0,3L

Getriebeol Additiv
Manual — used to drive the rear axle, steering oil bath and manual transmission cars, especially at high temperatures and considerable deterioration. Reduces noise, wear, smoothes peak temperatures. Even the old drives increases smoothness and efficiency. Self-miscible.
Application: 20g — for 1L gear oil.

Weight/volume: 20g