Diesel fuel additives

Mannol Diesel Jet Cleaner — a powerful system cleaner diesel injectors . Quickly and effectively cleans contaminated diesel fuel injection system : Removes resins , varnish and deposits from the injection nozzles . Simultaneously lubricates and protects fuel system from corrosion. Increases power and engine performance and increases its lifespan. Eliminates freeze injector valves , high pressure parts of the cylinder group. Stabilizes the idle speed. Reduces fuel consumption . Improves the exhaust gas emissions. Eliminates difficulties when starting , jerks , poor acceleration engine associated with uneven fuel spray .
Application: it is added to the tank before filling in the ratio of 200ml to 50l of fuel additives . Safe for exhaust gas aftertreatment systems and turbochargers.
Storage: Store in a heated room . Avoid direct sunlight and heat above 50 degrees C. Do not deform . Do not use near open flames and sources of sparking . Before disposing completely empty jar. Keep away from children.

Weight/volume: 0,2L

Diesel Plus 1:1000 is a complex additive to diesel fuel with unique properties. Carefully selected components can achieve with regular use of tangible improvement performance diesel engines. At the specified dosing (1:1000) increases the cetane number by 3 points , while improving the ignition process . Contains detergents to clean the injection units and prevent sticking and education gummy deposits on needles sprayer. Due to the presence of antifoam additives , prevents foaming of fuel, especially when refueling . Has effective antibacterial and antifungal properties . Provides powerful anticorrosive ingredients exert their effects not only in the tank but in the wire and the fuel within the engine . High-tech additive package optimizes the performance of diesel engines , stabilizes aging and oxidation , cleans injectors, significantly reduces fuel consumption and harmful substances in the exhaust gases . Applicable for diesel and turbo diesel engines.
Application: tool to add to the fuel tank before each filling per 1:1000 (250 ml Diesel Plus 250 L of diesel fuel ).

Weight/volume: 0,25L