Energy combi LL

Mannol Energy Combi LL — multigrade synthetic engine oil designed for modern petrol and turbo diesel engines with unit injectors. Provides high pumpability at cold start. Has an optimum viscosity in a broad temperature range. Effectively protects against wear and provides exceptional clean engine parts. Used in engines with extended oil change intervals (LongLife) and without it.

Product feature:
Property Method Unit Result
SAE-class 5W-30
Density at 15°C D 1298 kg/m³ 845
Flash-point COC D 92 °C 224
Congelation point D 97 °C -48
Base number D 2896 gKOH/kg 6,06
Viscosity -30°C D 5293 CP 6500
Viscosity 100°C D 445 CSt 11,22
Viscosity 40°C D 445 CSt 67,52
Viscosity index D 2270 160

Meets the requirements/specifications: SAE 5W-30 | API SN/CF | ACEA C3 | BMW Longlife-04 | MB 229.51 | PORSCHE C30 | VW 504.00/507.00/502.00/505.00/503.01/506.00/ | VW 505.01*/506.01**

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