Shock absorbers and suspension struts are designed to reduce the bodywork and wheels when the vehicle is moving . Shock absorbers convert the kinetic energy of the vertical oscillations of the body into heat that is dissipated in the environment. Suspension dampers modern cars at the same time solve the problem as passenger comfort and improve handling characteristics of the problem .
All dampers in the program have a double pipe structure FUSION HYDRO TECH — oil-filled double-acting valves and the improved quality of the coating rod and seal. These dampers have different resistance characteristics in the middle ( working ) and extreme ( limiting ) stroke position .
This design allows you to keep comfortable in the range of oscillation characteristics typical of the drive on highways , and when driving on rough roads virtually eliminate cases of suspension to trigger buffers rebound due to increased resistance to shock absorbers when approaching the limiting positions . Discount for fans of dynamic , sporty driving.
Damper characteristics remain stable throughout their lifetime . Using the working fluid with improved temperature properties of motion allows you to keep comfort in cold winter conditions , and under conditions of long rides in the hot summer .
In the production process, all dampers are 100 % quality control on the control tightness and compression and rebound damping . All stages of production, as well as suppliers of components certified for compliance with ISO 9001 .
Identical technology materials used in the manufacture of shock absorbers are delivered to the assembly lines of factories group Daimler-Chrysler , BMW, General Motors , Ford, Suzuki and Fiat .
Optimal combination of materials for the parts shock absorbers and use of modern designs nodes in conjunction with the advanced technology allows for high durability , improve driving comfort . Serviceable shock promote active safety , as can reduce braking distances and improve manageability .
Expected lifetime absorbers FUSION:
For execution HYDRO TECH — 60,000 kilometers.
Functional test is recommended every 20 000km run.

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