9919 Anticor

High-quality tool to protect and prolong the life of the outer parts of the chassis, underbody, wheel arches and side members. Reliable forms a layer that protects against impact of gravel and small stones. Has excellent resistance to moisture, salts, acids, alkalis, resistant to temperature extremes. Simultaneously creates noise insulation and anti-vibration layer.
Application: Shake well before use . Can be applied to iron, varnishes, anti-corrosion agents or hard plastic . Creates a durable, smooth , quick drying and durable coating. Guarantees the protection of the vehicle body to 5 years. From a distance of about 20 cm applied to dry the treated surface .
Storage: Store in a heated room . Avoid direct sunlight and heating above 50 ° C. The balloon is poddavleniem . Not deform . Do not spray near open flames and sources of spark formation . Used and stored only in ventilated areas. Before disposing completely empty jar. Keep away from children.

Weight/volume: 0,6L

28.02.2014 Маннол Логистик Центр